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  • Linocuts Workshop

    Linocuts Workshop

    The linocuts workshop was held at Art Bias on August 26. It was fun and successful.

" Threatening Water" Silicon Valley Sculpture Show
Threatening water exhibited at SVS2022

Public Art is a theory within psychology that seeks to determine the link between practice and context within social situations. Public art is also called “Social Practice”. Emphasized as a commitment to change, social practice occurs in two forms: activity and inquiry.

Silicon Valley Sculpture (SVS2022) Dated on September 23-25, 2022.

It was wonderful to participate in the SVS2022 and I met a lot of sculptors from Europe and all over the USA. I am glad that my sculpture is on local on-line press “InMenlo”. Please click to view it.

On September 24, I led a printing workshop with the fish stamps I had created.