Ikebana workshops

Thank you for visiting Floralbeeing ikebana workshops. Currently we offer group classes on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon and evening. If you’d like to study Ikebana but group lessons don’t work for your schedule, Floralbeeing private tutoring may be a better fit to you! This also applies if you have a specific part of the ikebana process you wan to improve on. If you live outside the Bay Area we can give lessons remotely. Please contact us for more information or a trial session. The first ikebana arrangement opportunity awaits you! If you have any questions, please contact us.

Shown below are the first eight styles to learn. After each lesson, you will take your arrangement home with you.

Flower Design (8 styles: Rising form, Inclining form, Circular form, Radial form, One Row style, Rising with tall vase, Inclining with glass vase, Radial form with comport)

  • We offer eight private lessons for $320 (floral material/tax included).
  • You can also participate in a trial of any of the eight Hana-isho lessons for $40

Beginner’s course (16 unites) including Moribana and advanced Flower Design (Hana-Isho).


The Moribana style is an important style to master in the Ohara School, before starting the advanced styles.

Intermediate course (16 unites) including Color Scheme Moribana and Moribana Traditional Method.

Please consult with your instructor if you would like to pursue further ikbana styles and certificates. Advanced courses include Hanakanadee, Hanamai, Sculptural arrangement, Rimpa-cho style, Bunjin-cho style, and Free expression.