Dreams & Fantasies:

My artwork  expresses my inner voice which has a mixture of traditional and modern influences. As a printmaker, I am experimenting especially with color, texture and patterns. In my photopolymer and monoprints, I create imaginative, abstract compositions based on images and colors that reflect my dreams and fantasies. My favorite printmaking medium is monoprint with chine collé—a process in which I use plastic plates to make unique ink prints, collaged with colorful decorative paper.

I was born and raised in Japan. My artwork has been influenced by stylized depictions of nature that are an integral part of Japanese culture. Growing up in Japan, in daily life I encountered graphic images of nature on objects such as screens,  kimono designs, wrapping paper, greeting cards, etc — all sources I draw upon in my artwork. My Japanese background still influences my thinking and the way I see my surroundings, often noticing the seasonal changes in flowers, plants, and  landscape. My twenty-year Ikebana practice, as well as the patterns and colors of the decorative 17th century Rimpa School paintings of Japan inspire me to create the motifs for my prints.

In my recent work, I create images of rainy scenery which give me the impression of dancing, chatting and weeping. 

I often fantasize about the forms of water which give me motifs of my creation.